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Еelectrolytic heating installations are electrode water heating modules.
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Our offer for the coming heating season We submit to your attention the most economic heating solution, a current hands-down winner on Bulgarian market. These are the electrode boilers intended for heating. Electrolytic heating installations constitute electrode water heating modules using a specially prepared electrolytic solution. The heating installation horizontal and vertical layouts are the same as in the central steam heating, the difference being in the fact that heat energy is not supplied by the heat distribution unit (central heating), but by an electrolytic unit, which is common for the building (or individual for a particular apartment). The system may be mounted on existing installations as well, which have been previously working on another principle - central steam heating or another energy source. Compared to the other heating installations the system economizes energy as follows: - 45-55% against central steam heating; - 30-40% against electric heating systems; - 60-70% against oil heating; - 55-65% against solid fuel boilers - 25-35% against gas heating; - 40-50% against chiller systems The system is featured by its high-grade safety, easy maintenance, that it is environment-friendly, by its small size which enables its installation at each place that is both suitable and convenient in the apartment, villa, hotel, etc. We offer our clients mounting, warranty and post warranty maintenance of the electrode boilers heating installation. At client's option we may only offer the delivery of the electrode boilers. The system may be combined with a solar collector system, which increases its efficiency by 30 - 40%.
Electrolytic heating installations are distinguished by: Fast investment redeemability Reliability and safety Easy maintenance Fully automated operator-free operation Automated filling Constant electric energy consumption control Electronic display Remote consumption monitoring through Internet Possibility of control electric meter installation Saving data for past periods Automated regulation on the phone on through Internet
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